Gold Promotion is not your typical digital marketing agency

Our performance focused digital marketing strategies set us apart

We love helping businesses, both startups and established companies alike, build growth marketing programs to drive demand and generate more leads and sales.

Trust in us to create an ROI focused campaign that is perfectly tailored to your business goals; whether it’s awareness & promotion for a new brand, ramping up targeted traffic and sales for an ecommerce website, or increasing the flow of qualified inbound leads for prospects that are actively looking for your product or service.

Marketing is about strategy and planning. That’s why we build campaigns around data, not just a hunch. The result is the right strategy, approach, and execution. With a keen understanding of what’s on the horizon, we guarantee work which is both relevant and two steps ahead of your competitors.
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A Word About The Founder

Gold Promotion, Inc. was founded in April 2014 by Ryan Schulz, with the goal to provide digital marketing services that are both results-focused and performance-based.
Ryan is an accomplished business professional and internet entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience in technology, marketing, sales, and solutions. He has proven ability to expand market share and increase revenue by developing profitable sales and marketing strategies.

Key Principles & Beliefs

These are some of the principles that guide each campaign & engagement

  • Digital marketing should be focused & measurable
  • Data backed strategy is the foundation for success
  • Success should be proven & ROI focused
  • Campaigns must have clearly defined goals & expectations
  • Develop a plan and maintain accountability
  • Act as an advisor not a vendor
  • Increased traffic is great, but only if its targeted
  • Analytics data guides decisions and improvements
  • Leverage marketing automation when possible
  • Develop KPI’s, processes & systems to enable success



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