E-Mail Marketing–Strategy & Execution

Email marketing has a relatively low barrier to entry, with low costs to get started and strategies that are fairly easy to implement and build upon.

em-list-01E-Mail Campaign Planning

The foundation for success in email marketing begins with a solid plan. It is important to define campaign goals, and then develop a plan for list building, content, offers, design, delivery, and measurement of campaign success metrics. A great way to begin is to build your audience by focusing on delivering VALUE and establishing CREDIBILITY. Then, it becomes much more natural to send targeted offers and promotions.

em-list-02E-Mail List Building

The success of your campaign depends on building and maintaining a quality email list; with opt-in lists that have been built organically yielding the best results. The days of cold emailing offers to a scraped list of email prospects have long since passed. Email lists should be built by leveraging things like blogging, webinars, contests, giveaways, targeted advertising, and social media.

em-list-03E-Mail List Segmentation

Successful email marketing campaigns are largely driven by delivering the right content & message, to the right person, at the right time. By segmenting your email lists into groups based upon things like interest, action, and demographics, smart marketers are able to deliver a personalized and finely tuned message that is perfectly matched to the audience.

em-list-04E-Mail Campaign Writing

Developing content that is perfectly matched to the target audience and campaign goals is no small task. Content should capture the tone and style of the brand, while delivering a message that both engages the user and guides them closer to that coveted conversion or sale. Focus on delivering VALUE to the user, and develop quality content that is interesting, useful, entertaining, or unique.

em-list-05E-Mail Template Design

Send your email in style; do not under estimate the value of a quality email template to build & maintain brand. Increase click-through-rates with beautiful email designs, compelling offers & copy, combined with better calls-to-action. Email is often one of the first customer touch-points, so it is important to make the right impression. A professionally designed, mobile responsive email template is a good place to start.

em-list-06E-Mail Platform Selection

There are so many email marketing service providers today, that it can be hard to know which one is right for your business. Everyone needs high-deliverability and some level of analytics & reporting, while others might require more advanced functionality like marketing automation for shopping cart abandonment, or email sequencing to intelligently guide prospects through a sales or lead generation funnel.

em-list-07E-Mail Campaign Reporting

Look to measure key performance metrics like deliverability, open rates, click through rates, and conversions. Set up tracking & analytics to provide an appropriate amount of granularity and to provide insight on campaign goals. Ensure that proper attribution models are defined, taking into account the unique business conditions for the particular product, campaign, or market.

em-list-08E-Mail Campaign Optimization

Are email open rates poor? You might need to work on writing more effective subject lines. What about click through rate? Could it be that shoddy email copy that you have been sending out? Split testing (A/B testing) strategic elements of your email campaigns can lead to measured improvements in performance. Maximize value of your efforts and drive more action & better results through campaign optimization

em-list-09E-Mail Marketing Partnerships

We know e-mail marketing and understand the importance of relevant messaging, useful content, precise timing, clear calls to action, and of course, analytics. With partnerships with industry-leading providers, Gold Promotion provides email marketing services ranging from high-level campaign strategy to email list creation, distribution & management.