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This is a performance focused digital marketing service with proven results

Cutting through the noise in an over-communicated world means being hyper-relevant to the customers you are trying to reach. Prioritize immediate results while balancing high-impact, longer term initiatives to effectively deploy and scale marketing campaigns. Our proprietary digital marketing system combines best-in-class technologies and ROI focused digital marketing with reliable forecasting to help set strategy. The result is a high-performance digital marketing program that can feed hungry sales teams, drive revenue, and fuel company growth. LEARN MORE

Is your digital marketing strategy working?

Maybe it’s your outdated website. Maybe it’s because you don’t show up when someone searches. Or maybe the money you are spending on online marketing hasn’t been providing the return you were expecting.

You are here because you are looking for a solution. A solution that provides your business with the visibility it needs. You are here because you want your phone to ring. You want to break sales records. You want more visits to your website and new clients lined up outside of your door.

Doing more of the same isn’t going to help you reach your goals. You need a different marketing strategy. A strategy that is aligned with your business goals. One based on data, so you can make informed decisions.

Gold Promotion is a Boston-based digital marketing company that works with growth-focused startups & small businesses just like yours. Stop worrying about whether or not your digital marketing investments are generating a ROI. Revenue marketing is a holistic approach to prove return on marketing investment, create optimal customer experiences, and compete in the digital world.

Our rapid experimentation framework identifies the perfect channel fit for your marketing goals, keeping your spend low and your returns high. We start small and grow fast — and every penny is invested in channels that work.

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Performance Focused Internet Marketing Services with Proven Results

Most digital marketing agencies promise results, but provide little insight into how they will deliver. We don't make empty promises. Enterprise-class analytics prove our success. Our data-backed, ROI-focused digital marketing programs are profitable & scalable. We love helping businesses, both startups and established companies alike, build online performance marketing programs to increase awareness, create demand, and generate more leads and sales.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your prospects and customers without overtly selling. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering content that educates or otherwise engages the buyer. We can help you create a content plan that attracts the right audience, engages interested buyers and converts more customers.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Start a conversation with your audience and generate awareness through social media and social selling. Social media plays a major role in growing your business, following, loyalty and trust. Our social media advertising services can help you connect with buyers and grow your brand online using paid social ads that stop the scroll and start the sales cycle.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Fantastic content isn’t worth much unless it gets found. Whether you are a local business owner or franchise operating nationally, our SEO services can get you on page one. We are an experienced SEO agency with more than a decade of search experience. Our professional SEO service will increase qualified website visits and provide your business with the visibility it needs.

Highly-Targeted Online Advertising

Online advertising allows brands to reach new, highly targeted audiences across search, social, video, or display ads. Our advanced PPC strategies consistently outperform larger PPC agencies, and provide superior return on your marketing investment. Data-driven advertising maximizes effectiveness and ROI, while aligning with business goals.

Marketing Automation Solutions

Marketing automation software provides tools to effectively scale a high-ROI digital marketing program. Advanced software enables personalized communications with customers while providing for better targeting, measurement, and optimization of the marketing mix. These marketing technologies enable scalable demand & lead generation programs that accelerate pipeline, and convert more sales.

Web Design & Development

Building a professional quality website is not easy, and making it profitable is even more difficult. In order to succeed online, businesses need a high-quality & prolific web presence, a unique brand strategy, and a multi-channel online marketing plan. Luckily, you are in the right place. Whether it’s a corporate website, conversion-focused landing pages, or a highly-custom eCommerce solution, we can help.

Online Lead Generation

We specialize in delivering high quality leads that convert. With extensive lead generation experience, Gold Promotion, Inc. has cultivated deep expertise in delivering high-quality leads through a combination of outbound & inbound marketing. We can build & scale custom lead generation programs to deliver in-market qualified leads, at a value that cannot be matched.

Affiliate Marketing Management

We love performance based marketing, and incentivized sales & marketing programs as a whole. This is why we are such huge advocates for affiliate marketing programs, where advertisers pay only for the performance of their publishers. Publishers may be website operators, bloggers, or social media influencers; but you can think of them as your team of commission-only online sales reps.

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