New Lead-Gen Focused Live Chat Service Helps SMB’s with 24×7 Coverage

Gold Promotion is proud to announce LiveTransfer.IO – a 24×7 live chat service purpose-built for lead generation. The service provides live chat agents 24-hours a day for industries that demand a level of customer service that automated chat bots cannot provide.

Bots can be great, but in many verticals, a human touch is needed. The LiveTransfer.IO chat service was created to bridge that gap for small businesses everywhere, that have traditionally struggled to provide sales & customer service focused live chat during business hours, let alone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Gold Promotion Founder & President, Ryan Schulz, said: “We tested a number of chat services including new Facebook Messenger bot technology and other AI-driven chatbots like Drift, but it was clear that these bots could not outperform our human operators.” He went on to say, “…the chat service was designed for a variety of use cases including PPC ads click to chat, SMS to chat, Facebook message to live chat, and of course for use on company websites and lead generation properties. We have tested this on a number of websites including that of a major credit card processing company and it has yielded fantastic results.”

Each customer is able to customizable the live chat widget so it matches company branding and website style, and the service is easy to set up, requiring only a small snippet of JavaScript to be installed on the website. It works flawlessly on a mobile device as well, keeping your website visitors happy and meeting the latest standards for Google’s mobile-first initiatives.

The live chat operators are trained to provide great customer service but they are also incentivized for producing sales qualified leads; expect an operator that knows how to “ask all the right questions” during the course of the conversation. All of this leads to a customer experience that is natural and frictionless.

Adding this live chat offering to their marketing portfolio was a logical step to round-out an already robust online lead generation program. Gold Promotion has experience architecting sales funnels for a variety of industries; from marketing landscaping companies to multimillion-dollar luxury yachts- their experience is truly diverse.

You can find out more about Gold Promotion and their digital marketing system including the chat service at

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Gold Promotion is a Boston based Digital Marketing agency specializing in performance focused digital marketing services for growing companies, both local & nationally. Creating & executing custom tailored marketing strategies to meet customers’ individual needs; whether they be lead generation, e-commerce sales, PPC & SEO services, or a completely new web presence. We offer a rich spectrum of marketing support.

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