Online advertising is changing. Tactics that used to work wonders are being traded in for newer, more targeted methods. Digital marketers must combine intelligent multi-channel strategy with targeted advertising, in order to survive.

As competition online continues to grow, so do the costs associated with getting your message out effectively. The days of dirt cheap clicks and spray and pray PPC strategy have long since passed, as digital marketers today now require an increased level of sophistication in order to succeed online.

In order to win today, marketers must develop a strategy that combines creativity with extensive research and data analysis. A strategy that accounts for both the opportunities and weaknesses that exist in the marketplace. One that targets things like longtail search and white space in your industry.

So, do you advertise your business online? Or are you stuck in the dark-ages of print ads, radio spots, and television commercials? Digital advertising technology will enable you to reach your target buyer with pin-point accuracy and then measure & report on campaign effectiveness, costs, and value.

At Gold Promotion, we take a consultative approach to campaign creation, as we do with all digital marketing campaigns. It’s only after we understand your business & goals, that we craft a strategy to deliver maximal results. Measurable results that can far exceed those of traditional marketing channels.

Our advertising strategies are performance focused & data-driven. Let us help you navigate the convoluted online landscape, and provide you with a blend of advertising that will effectively generate leads, drive sales, and build your brand online.

online-advertisingGold Promotion Specializes in Paid Advertising Campaigns for Brand Awareness, Lead Generation & eCommerce Sales.

We execute online advertising campaigns with creativity & intelligence.

online-advertisingPPC Advertising (Pay Per Click)

Pay per click advertising, such as Google AdWords, can be incredibly effective if done correctly. With over 5.9 billion Google searches performed each day, there is opportunity to reach almost any target market that you desire. With the right strategy, a highly targeted and relevant PPC campaign can generate qualified sales leads and increase e-commerce traffic and sales.

online-advertisingStandard Display Advertising – PPA / PPM

95% of time online is spent consuming content on websites & social media; display ads can help reach this massive audience. Although standard banner ads often have low engagement rates, they play an important role on branding and gaining marketing awareness. Precise targeting based upon keyword, context, demographics and placement can be used to fine-tune ad delivery. And with the addition of retargeting ads, brand messages can be further reinforced by delivering your ads to users that have previously visited your website.

online-advertisingAd Retargeting

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a powerful form of programmatic advertising that allows you to deliver ads to users that have previously interacted with your brand online. Maybe they found your website through organic search or display advertising, but they were not quite ready to convert on the first visit. Retargeting provides the ability to reach these past visitors again on multiple websites and at various points in the buyer journey. Using remarketing to re-engage users is very effective when used with other types of online advertising as it can provide measured increases in conversions for both ecommerce sales and lead generation.

online-advertisingMobile Advertising

Research shows 90% of people move between devices to as they move along their path to purchase, so reaching customers on-the-go is more important than ever before. Mobile advertising includes a broad range of opportunities such as search, social, and banner display within apps and on mobile websites. Mobile has arrived and customers must now adapt a mobile first strategy to succeed in the marketplace.

online-advertisingSocial Media Advertising

The amount of time spent on social media platforms continues to grow as consumers spend more time consuming content such as video without ever leaving the website or mobile app. Just as television was a major disruptive force for print advertising, social media has shaken up the online advertising industry. The amount of information shared online has given rise to extremely effective methods of use targeting which top marketers are leveraging along with the interactivity, visual and video capabilities, and multi-platform availability of social media to push us to products, services, and actions.

online-advertisingVideo Advertising

Audiences and advertisers are rushing to online video, eager to consume and capitalize on digital entertainment. More than 85% of US internet users view online video each month, and video ads account for 25%+ of all videos viewed. Successful businesses are actively developing an online video presence to reach audiences who are actively seeking out this kind of entertainment. Search engines love video too, with videos consistently claiming first page rankings. Businesses can even take advantage of video ads on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

online-advertisingRich Media Advertising

Today there is an ongoing debate over the value of display advertising, as savvy marketers question click-through-rates and whether consumers are even paying attention to the clutter created by standard online display ads. Banner ads are evolving and becoming more sophisticated and personalized. Rich media features such as video, mobile optimization, carousels, geo-location, social media links, and data capture can be used to enhance the user experience rather than interrupt it; thereby increasing user engagement and ROI.

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