Professional SEO Services

Most SEO & digital marketing agencies promise results but provide little transparency and no guarantee that their services will deliver. Well, we don’t make empty promises. This is a performance focused Boston SEO agency with proven results. Maybe you have tried to optimize your website in-house or wasted hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a bad SEO company; potentially spending time & money on SEO services with minimal results and little return on your marketing investment. Well, look no further. Our professional Search Engine Optimization program will help you get found online, results guaranteed.

A successful SEO program should be tied to measurable results and KPI’s such as % increased traffic, # of leads generated, and the overall return on investment (ROI).

I don’t know what you’ve heard, but professional search engine optimization is about much more than building links or creating content filled with keywords. Good SEO is about strategy; one that will yield measurable results. Before visitors are actively searching for a product to buy or vendor to hire, they are looking for a solution. A simple answer to a question. And they ask the smartest person they know. Google. If you can build enough credibility to be listed high in the search results, you are much more likely to get the visit. Google is constantly evolving, and those that continue to try and trick the system are losing the battle. With our SEO strategy, we don’t just play by the rules, we embrace them. This is the only way to provide the long term results that real businesses require.

Our unique process is both transparent and collaborative.

Every SEO engagement begins with an initial consultation with a digital marketing specialist in order to better understand the business, your online marketing goals, and discuss the efforts that have already taken place. Our consultative process allows us to evaluate the overall online presence and to set an initial strategy to meet your online goals.

The Elements of a Successful SEO Program


Search Engine Optimization Strategy

We will evaluate your online presence, the history of your website, and your online competition, then develop a detailed strategy outlining the specific steps we will take when optimizing your website. Our data backed strategies are perfectly aligned with y our goals & budget.

Technical SEO Audit

We scan your website to collect data on every aspect of onsite SEO to identify assets, and determine areas that need improvement. The audit presents detailed information such as analysis on URL’s, meta tags, content length, linking, canonical issues, etc.

SEO Content Audit

This audit catalogs all content with specific focus on onsite factors such as length, uniqueness, keywords, keyword density, and thematic relevancy along with a remediation plan to outline options to address issues and expand upon existing content marketing efforts.

SEO Content Writing

Content writing to cover a range of uses; from expert copywriting to SEO content, we have you covered. We can supply you with SEO content, technical writing, datasheets, web copy, blog posts, infographics, and other short form content.

Title & Meta Tag Writing

We are experts at combining technical SEO with great copywriting, bringing you more clicks and all the benefits that an increased CTR brings. We write to pique interest and incite clicks, making our services particularly valuable for b2b & eCommerce websites.

Structured Data Markup

Google is evolving and is delivering better web results with more intelligence than ever. Artificial Intelligence is even being used to determine search intent and deliver more relevant results. We will customize your knowledge graph with structured data markup, rich snippets and breadcrumbs.

Additional On Site SEO

If needed we will create a new XML sitemap and will re-write and analyze the URL structure of your website to optimize content for better relevancy and navigation as well as to fix any canonical errors that uncovered through the technical audit.


Inbound Link Audit

We perform and detailed review of all of the inbound links to your website. We catalog inbound links and gather information such as link type, authority, trust, along with anchor text usage and screening for toxic links.

Social Signals Audit

We scan major social media sites to quantify social activity for your website to determine how well integrated social is into your web & content marketing strategy as well as uncover popular content and areas of interest to boost readership and virality..

Link Building Strategy

We use the inbound link audit for your website and perform competitive benchmarking by auditing the link profile for your top 5 competitors in organic search. An appropriate link building strategy is then designed in order to rank highly while remaining safe from Google penalties.

Blogger / Influencer Outreach

Our systems are constantly scanning the web for authors on high authority blogs and industry websites as well as on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We use this information to find matches on customer interests for both SEO and to generate real website visits and social activity.

Local Citation Building

We find high authority local search engine directories and review sites for your specific vertical and create highly relevant SEO optimized listings that are completely accurate and include links to social profiles and rich media whenever possible. We provide only the highest quality citations for Local SEO.

Industry Associations & Industry Websites

We locate highly relevant industry websites and associations that add credibility to your business while boosting overall authority and evaluate opportunities for both link building and as a potential referral source for qualified traffic.

Infographics & Rich Media

Creating high quality infographics and other types of rich media like slide presentations and PDF files can be a great way to present and simplify information in a format that is engaging, sharable, and great for link building and demonstrating authority.

Press Release Writing & Distribution

Online press releases are a great way to make announcements on company developments, accomplishments, and other events. They not only generate awareness which can lead to additional PR opportunities, but they also create branded links which can be great for traffic and SEO.

Video SEO

Video can be a great way to promote and build awareness. It is an an important part in digital marketing and SEO strategy. We work with talented video marketing agencies to produce SEO optimized video content and then plublish it on top video portals like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

What can you expect from a full service SEO program from Gold Promotion?

Guaranteed SEO Services

We pride ourselves on providing performance based SEO services whenever possible.  During your consultation we will discuss and evaluate your unique requirements and design a campaign that is tailored to your business and backed by data-backed results.

Specialized SEO Consulting

We understand that every business is different. Competition varies from search to search. Strategies can make sense in one market, but don’t work in the next. We work closely with each of our clients in order to fully understand their needs and provide a truly custom SEO strategy.

Monthly SEO Reporting

You will receive detailed monthly SEO reports that are both data-packed and easy to understand. We focus on uncovering opportunities and measuring essential key performance indicators (KPI’s) to simplify reporting on campaign performance thereby proving our success.

Advanced SEO Tools

Our SEO strategies and processes are enable by best of breed SEO tools that provide things like data, research, project management, analytics, and reporting. Some of the tools used in our client campaigns include Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Moz, SEMRush, Majestic, among others.

Proprietary SEO

Ranking Strategies The fast paced and ever changing environment that Google has created for search has made data-backed research and testing more important to SEO success. We stay on the forefront of SEO with extensive testing to rank in Google both quickly and safely.

White Hat SEO Strategy

Each one of our clients works directly with a dedicated SEO specialist to plan and execute both onsite and offsite SEO work throughout the campaign. Full-service SEO clients will also work with Gold Promotion Founder & President, Ryan Schulz. We closely follow both the Google Webmaster Guidelines and the Bing Webmaster Guidelines and ensure that only safe and effective practices are used when ranking your website. We focus on excellent onsite SEO, great content, and quality link building.

When you work with Gold Promotion, you will be gaining more than a Boston SEO agency; you will be getting a partner that you can trust.